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Is the Office Accepting New Patients?

We are always happy to welcome new patients to our practice. In fact we hold open appointments each week to allow new patients to get established quicker. We feel the highest compliment we are paid is when a patient is confident and comfortable enough to send a friend or family member to us for care. We are also available to new patients through the numerous insurance plans we accept. Please check with your plan to see if we can assist with your current insurance .

How Will I Afford the Dentistry I Need ?

Dental work has had an unfortunate and mostly inaccurate reputation of being expensive. The truth is dental work can and should last longer than most items we spend money on , including household appliances , electronic devises and even vehicles and medical procedures, and at relat less cost. This holds even more true with the continuous daily strain that dental work it is subjected to. The true key to dentistry’s “cost ” lies in the value we place on it. At Dr. Whitney’s, our fees have stayed quite reasonable over time, in line with, or better than, other offices in the region. We have not raised our fees in recent years in an attempt to allow more people the chance to afford the health care they need. We can do this while maintaining the ability to provide a quality staff and some of the most up to date technology and quality materials in the profession today. We will discuss your treatment plan fees and provide options to any treatment we recommend before beginning treatment. We accept all major credit cards and will assist you in applying  for a payment plan service with 0 % financing in most cases. We can also guide you through your , often times, complicated dental insurance so you understand your portion of the overall fee and help you to get the most benefit from your yearly allowance. Ask us how we can help.

What Days and Hours are you Open ?

The Office Hours of Operation are :

Monday : 8 a.m.- 6 p.m.

Tuesday : 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Wednesday : 8 :30 a.m. – 5p.m.

Thursday : 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.

If you do not reach one of our friendly staff members immediately , please hold to leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we finish helping one of our very important patients.  If you are calling the Office ( 563-5222) during non- business hoursand feel you have a dental emergency , you will be directed on how to reach Dr. Whitney. If no one is available still, it is advised that you contact your local emergency room for treatment.

Do you offer sedation for dental care?

We do not offer sedation dentistry in the office as the State now requires additional training and medical safeguards. We do however offer an extremely relaxed and considerate setting in which all procedures can be completed with virtually no anxiety or pain. There is no reason why visiting the dentist needs to be a troubling experience. In almost all cases , any procedure you have done can be completed with no pain once the application of the local anesthetic, or “numbness ” has taken place. We even numb the area with a topical gel before actually placing the numbness. We offer music and / or television as an added way to make your visit go by smoothly. Try us out , you will be surprised .. pleasantly.

Do you Offer In-house Payment Plans?

We do not offer payment plans directly through the office. Since payment is expected on the day that service are rendered , we accept Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express , and affordable payment plan options through CareCredit. **CareCredit offers 0% interest for 12 months on charges of $300 and more: See them online at  to qualify for a payment plan that allows you the dental health you need and deserve.

Do You Work with Children?

Absolutely!! Our entire staff has kids of their own. We are happy to have young ones accompany their parents and siblings to observe the sights and procedures in office to make them comfortable from the start. Our hygiene staff is exceptional with children of all ages. We are able to educate and demonstrate hygiene , all while making the visit fun. We offer television during any filling appointments needed , to relax anyone that may be anxious; Parents included. It’s amazing how Sponge Bob can make you forget where you are !

Is Dr. Whitney available after-hours for emergencies?

Dr. Whitney is available after-hours for emergencies for existing patients. In an emergency: call the office phone (207)563-5222, the message will direct you on how to contact Dr. Whitney. **In the event that Dr. Whitney will be out of the area, we will arrange for a Dentist to cover most after-hours situations. As always, if for some reason there is still no one available to assist you , go directly to your local emergency room.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes: we participate with many insurance plans. Please ask if your insurance plan is one that we work with and we will be happy to assist you in better understanding the benefits and any limitations to your plan. Please remember that your plan is an agreement between you and your insurance company. Our office is here to assist with questions and to try to make the process of you getting reimbursed by your plan as easy as possible. There are many clauses and exclusions in all insurance plans that limit coverage and remember ,unfortunately the insurance company does not have your best interest or health as its top priority.

Do you accept Maine Care?

No, we do not accept Maine Care at this time.

Do you do silver fillings, tooth-colored fillings or both?

Although amalgam or silver fillings are still very useful and functional , we choose to only place tooth-colored composite fillings for the quality of the bond , the desensitizing ability , as well as the esthetically pleasing results. We also offer longer lasting laboratory made ceramic and gold fillings and crowns. 

When I come in for my initial/new patient visit, will I get my teeth cleaned?

We always hope to complete your cleaning at your first visit, because that means your teeth and gums are already in a pretty health condition. Depending upon how long it has been between cleanings and what the hygienist collects for information during your exam, it may be possible to have a cleaning the same day. The information gathered through x-rays, a periodontal (gum) assessment, a hard tissue (teeth , bone ) exam, oral cancer screening and TMJ assessment will determine our next course of treatment. If there any concerns of a more advanced condition involving bone loss, called Periodontal Disease , we can identify that and treat it accordingly to prevent tooth loss. 

224 Main Street, Damariscotta, ME 04543
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